Its an odd world right now

Hi there- Are you feeling the oddness in the air as much as I am? I can’t quiet put my finger on it, but it seems the world around us is changing at an alarming rate and I don’t know how to take it all in. Does it feel like every time we turn around its something in politics, human rights, mother nature, economic, or education that seems to be shaken up right beneath our feet? All of these fast moving changes triggers our brain to turn on and try to make sense of it all, but unfortunately we are still wired with the prehistoric brain and it has yet to catch up with what the world has evolved to. THIS, THIS is what I love about therapy! Its our safe place to tease out all the challenges, learn new patterns of behavior and recognizing those old ways that just dont work anymore. These are also the catalyst that trigger many of our ruminating thoughts and behaviors, that deep down we probably wish we weren’t doing.  I encourage you to reach out and lets talk about all these things that are happening; try to find some balance so that we can push forward.

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