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How many times have you told yourself this or thought this of a loved one? Do you feel overwhelmed with the curve balls life keeps throwing at you? “Nothing seems to be going right, no matter how much I try”. Finding a therapist can feel like a stressful task that seems to add more weight to all of the other emotions you are currently experiencing.

Do you or someone you know want to feel an increase in self-esteem, happiness or confidence? Has there been an experience of a traumatic event, the loss of a loved one or major adjustments at school and can’t seem to find the way back to “feeling normal”? The value of developing positive coping skills and finding the “right fit” therapist can tremendously empower you or your loved one to regain the confidence and happiness everyone deserves. Confidentiality is key and as your therapist I will help you work through the decisions and choices that you need to make yourself feel whole again in a safe and nonjudgmental environment.

The primary goal of our sessions is to help you develop positive solutions and decisions to guide you through difficult times by reaching your potential and staying accountable for the goals you set.Choices can often times be over looked when we have so much on our plate and can feel discouraged when we can’t find the right place to get started. The ability to apply the strategies learned through therapy will enable you to grow and live a healthy life. Through your commitment and participation, you can help to prevent further symptoms from occurring, become mindful of triggers that may arise and respond in a more healthy way.

Counseling can be for everyone

As humans we all can find ourselves caught up in emotions, thoughts and feelings. How we all handle these is a marked key to our success through this journey of life. Whether you are the individual struggling right now or it’s your loved one, I encourage you to reach out for help.

Services Offered

Offering Telehealth Statewide in Florida!

Individual Adult Counseling

Individual Adult Counseling

Anxiety  • Depression  • OCD  • Divorce  • Stress  • Self-Esteem  • Grief  • LGBTQ+

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Family Counseling

Family Counseling

Communication  • Conflict  • OCD   • Grief  • LGBTQ+  • Blended families

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Individual Adolescent Counseling

Individual Adolescent Counseling

Academic / School concerns  • Social / Emotional Growth  • LGTBQ+  • Anxiety  • OCD  • Family Adjustment • Depression  • Grief  • Self-Esteem

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“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”-Mark Twain

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Jennifer Dobies, M.Ed., M.A,
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who specializes in providing counseling services in a supportive, safe and non-judgmental environment. I believe that everyone has the ability to learn and grow in any situation they find themselves in throughout the journey of life. I used to be a school counselor which also provided me the opportunity over the last 20 years to work with adolescents and parents in the school environment. I am well versed in the stressors of school adjustment, academics, adolescent development and the importance of family communication.

I believe that there is not a “one model fits all” when working with clients and that I will tailor my approach to what needs each client may have. I take a Solution Focused and Acceptance and Commitment approach to therapy. I also specialize in ERP for OCD and anxiety treatment. My goal is to create a therapeutic experience that works best for you. I want you to empower yourself and build the most fulfilling life.

My office is easily accessible from any part of the Tampa Bay area. I have created a warm and welcoming space for us to work together in. You have already taken the first step on your new journey in mental wellness.

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